Canada is looking for Investors and Entrepreneurs to become part of its world-leading idustries and commerce

Canadians are world leaders in industries and commerce. Canadian companies are known for innovation and truly compete on the world stage. Canada offers both Federal and Provincial Business Class Immigration program. These programs seek to attract candidates,  with business/managerial experience and relatively high net-worth, who are either entrepreneurs or investors.

If you are willing to start a business or invest in Canada, this may be the program for you and your family to become permanent residents of Canada.

There are 3 kinds of Business Immigration programs. Federal, Quebec and some of the of the provinces have specific Provincial Nomination Programs that deal exclusively with Business Class applicants.

Strictly speaking, investment-based programs requires only that the candidate invest money into a qualified business. Entrepreneur programs requires both investment and active participation in the day-to day management of the qualified business.

Currently, only Quebec offers an Investment only program. Other provinces would require both investment and active managerial participation in the business.

Let's start planning your future in Canada.

After becoming a Canadian permanent resident, you may live, work, and engage in business activities in any Canadian province or territory, regardless of where you initially indicated you intended to reside on your application form.

However, entrepreneurs entering through the Quebec QPIP program is required to manage a commercial enterprise, which is newly establish or acquire as a portion of, in that province.

To apply, you must demonstrate the origin and accumulation of your wealth through reliable, third-party documentary evidence: tax returns, pay stubs, deeds of purchase/sale, statements from stockbrokers, business/real estate valuations, etc. You must be able to demonstrate that your assets were gained through means, which are considered legal, including gifts or inheritances.

You will also need to present the following documents to support your application - 

  • IRCC Application Forms,

  • Education-related documents such as diplomas degrees

  • Status documents (passports, birth/marriage certificates, etc.),

  • Documents proving your business and/or managerial experience,

  • Documents providing evidence of your net worth.

As an Entrepreneur applicant, you are encouraged to make an exploratory visit to Canada to properly assess the business environment of the area in which you intend to locate.

Each jurisdiction sets the targets and limits for their program, so we are welcoming you to check with us to see which program is still available at this point of time.

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MPNP for Business - the Manitoba Business  Entrepreneur Program

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Immigration Program for Business - This provincial
plan recruits qualified business people from around the world with the intention to
move to Manitoba and invest in the local economy.

Successful applicants will obtain Permanent Residency in Canada along with their
immediate family members (spouse, unmarried children below 19 years old)



  • Business Experience (3 + years of full-time work experience in the past 5 years as an active business owner or working in a senior management role.

  • Official Languages Proficiency (minimum CLB/NCLC 5)

  • Education (minimum high school certificate equivalent)

  • Business Investment of Minimum $150,000 - $250,000

  • Net Worth of minimum $500,000 (verified)

  • Business Research (Exploratory Visit)

  • Sign Business Performance Agreement



Quebec Investors Visa - net worth of over CAD$ 1,600,000 is required, no age limit

The Quebec Investor category of Canadian immigration allows qualified immigrant investors who intend to reside in Quebec to obtain a Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa by investing CAD $800,000 risk-free through an approved financial intermediary or by financing that investment.

Advantage Of Business Investors Program

  • No age limits

  • Immediate family can be included in application for Permanent Residency

  • There is no need to open and operate Business in Canada

  • No English test



  • Net assets of at least CAD $1,600,000

  • At least 2 years management experience

  • Sign an agreement to invest CAD $800,000 with a financial intermediary (broker or trust company) authorized to participate in the Investor Program or pay the loan interest of CAD $220,000 to the financial intermediary

Businessman in Suit

Exploratory visit - what is it and what are the benefits you may gain from it?

For those interested in applying for immigration through the Provincial Nominee Program for Business, you may be required making an Exploratory Visit to the province to experience the way of life first hand, as well as explore business opportunities. Even though the Exploratory Visit can be optional in some provinces for the applicant, it is highly recommended to conduct this visit before submitting an application.

There are several benefits to conducting the Exploratory Visit, most importantly, the ability to make relevant business connections that can help you identify a viable business and set up your business. A second benefit is that in some provinces you will may be allocated with an additional points on the Adaptability. 

If using the Exploratory Visit as part of your application to earn more points, you must spend a significant portion of your time in the province conducting research related to your business intent. You are required to provide an Exploratory Visit Report along with your nomination application that describes the details of your research during your stay.  

Services & Pricing

PR legal consultation (Business People)

Per-Case Basis

  • Reviewing client’s eligibility and qualifications in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable at the time of execution of this agreement;

  • Searching for the appropriate Business Immigration Program;

  • Preparation of all immigration application forms to be submitted to Immigration Refugee & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Visa office for client’s Visitors Visa application if needed for the exploratory visit.

  • Preparation of all immigration application forms to be submitted to IRCC and/or relevant Provincial Immigration Authorities in Canada.

  • Assisting the client with collating the supporting documentation as required by IRCC and/or relevant Provincial Immigration Authorities in Canada and reviewing all such documentation prior to submitting the application for permanent residence;

  • Advising the client if any additional documentation is required;

  • Composing a cover letter to accompany to client’s application thereby outlining the merits of client’s application;

  • Follow up and monitoring the status of client’s application with IRCC and/or relevant Provincial Immigration Authorities in Canada from start to completion;

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Refund Policy

There shall be no refund due if –

  • Through no fault of the consultant, the expression of interest profile is not submitted, not accepted, terminated or cannot proceed due to reasons relating to government policy (including any ministerial instructions), a change in law, regulation or selection criteria and/or if the client fails to adequately support all qualifications claimed.

  • Client’s expression of interest profile is refused, rejected, or cannot proceed due to reasons related to health, criminality/security or if the client voluntarily withdraws the expression of interest profile.

In any event, the consultant’s total liability under this contract is limited to any consultant fees paid by the client to the consultant.

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