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Bridges At Will is an Immigration Services organization that endeavors to provide an extensive range of Canadian immigration services for skilled workers, students as well as investors and entrepreneurs.

We help you move to Canada to work, study, join your family or to seek new opportunities.

the hardest step is making the decision that you deserve the best possible life. The rest is much easier. Good Luck!

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You can avail our services online, from the comfort of your home, with no requirement to expend any unnecessary effort.


You will have access to a wide range of immigration programs through our RCIC who will ensure that your application for permanent residence is being handled with no hassles along the way.


The RCIC is authorized by the ICCRC and has in-depth awareness about every facet of the Canadian Immigration process.


We invite you to signup for our PR services and take the 1st step towards greater opportunities.

CIC, the Canadian government’s immigration agency, uses Express Entry – an online system – to manage applications for permanent residence from skilled workers. The Express Entry system can help CIC make quick decisions on applications for the following programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC)

  • Federal Skilled Trades Programs (FSTP)

  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

  • Specific Provincial Nominee Programs

If you’re interested in living and working permanently in Canada, the Express Entry system is your pathway. Our consultants will help you at each step of the immigration process, starting with:

Submitting an applicant profile through the Express Entry system online

Your Express Entry profile signals your interest in immigrating and living permanently in Canada.

Our consultants will work with you closely to create your best profile possible – so you’re chances of getting an invite are highest.


CIC assesses and ranks your profile on the basis of the following criteria:


  • Your skills and work experience

  • Your education

  • English or French language proficiency

  • Other factors


Your consultant at BAW will assess your profile and help you become part of the Express Entry pool – where CIC and employers across Canada have access to your profile.

Which brings us to the next step.

Getting the Invitation to Apply (ITA)


Candidate profiles that rank highest within the Express Entry pool are issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency in Canada. Once you receive an ITA, we will work closely with you to submit all required documents and proofs within the 60-day submission period.


If CIC approves your application, you’ll soon find yourself and your spouse and/or dependent children in Canada!

If you do not receive an ITA within 12 months of your submission to Express Entry, we will work with you to re-submit your profile to the pool, provided you still meet the criteria.

Tradesman and Architect at Construction

First thing first – find out if you are eligible to apply and what it takes to initiate the process

Before spending time, efforts and money into the process and in order to ensure that you meet with the requirements to apply as a Skilled Worker, we would highly recommend that you will first order your immigration plan, which also includes your personal qualifications under the Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC) among other vital information.


We will then schedule a call with you to answer your queries, explain you the process in-details and help you initiate the actual immigration process.

If you will decide to retain our services, we will walk you through the entire process until you land in Canada.


Invitation to Apply - what is it and why is that the only thing you should be waiting for

The ITA is issued by the Canadian government, inviting you to apply for permanent residence. If you receive the ITA and manage to complete an electronic application for permanent residence on time, you will become a permanent resident
of Canada.


The government sends Invitations to Apply 
to the highest ranked (CRS) candidates in the Express Entry pool first; however, as time goes by, they also invite candidates with
lower CRS score.

In fact, the government takes 1 to 3 draws on a monthly basis and every year hundreds of thousands of candidates get their
Invitation to Apply.

Security Guard

Make sure you are not considered as Inadmissible before you start the process

Not everyone can apply for immigration to Canada. Those who are not allowed are called “Inadmissibles.”  You are Inadmissible (not qualify) to apply, if –

  • You are a security risk;

  • You have committed human or international rights violations;

  • You have been convicted of a crime, or you have committed an act outside Canada that would be considered as a crime;

  • You have ties to organized crime;

  • You have a serious health problem;

  • You have a serious financial problem;

  • You lied in your application or in an interview; or

  • One of your family members is not allowed in Canada.

Services & Pricing

PR legal consultation (Skilled Workers)

US$ 2,250.00

1st Installment (US$ 1,125.00)

50% - Upon signing the Retainer Agreement​

2nd Installment (US$ 1,125.00)

50% - 30 days after signing the Retainer Agreement

  • Reviewing your qualifications, and advising you as to what must be done in order to maximize your eligibility and ranking for economic immigration to Canada;

  • Assisting in the preparation of the Express Entry Profile and advising you about the necessary documents required to complete the Express Entry Profile;

  • Reviewing your Express Entry Profile and mandatory documents prior to submission of the Express Entry Profile to the Canadian immigration authorities;

  • Assisting with gaining access to the Canada Job Bank, if applicable, and other job search resources;

  • Assisting with any necessary updates to the Express Entry Profile;

  • Advising you about the necessary evidence required that best represents your language proficiency, work experience, education and training, and civil status for submission of the expression of interest to the IRCC pool of eligible candidates;

  • Tracking your expression of interest with the Canadian immigration authorities for the duration of this Contract;

  • Making written and/or oral representations to the Canadian immigration authorities, as necessary.

Free IELTS Online Preparation Course

US$ 199.00

Refund Policy

There shall be no refund due if -

  • ​Through no fault of the consultant, the express entry profile is not submitted, not accepted, terminated or cannot proceed due to reasons relating to government policy (including any ministerial instructions), a change in law, regulation or selection criteria and/or if the client fails to adequately support all qualifications claimed.

  • Client’s express entry profile is refused, rejected, or cannot proceed due to reasons related to health, criminality/security or if the client voluntarily withdraws the express entry profile.

  • ​In any event, the consultant’s total liability under this contract is limited to any consultant fees paid by the client to the consultant.

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