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Foreign nationals looking to immigrate to Canada under the Federal Skilled Trades Program must first make an expression of interest through the federal Express Entry selection system.


The Federal Skilled Trades Program allows individuals with a valid job offer or a certificate of qualification to obtain permanent residence in any Canadian province or territory other than Quebec. Under the FSTP, you can apply for a permanent residence to Canada if you qualify in a skilled trade.


Do you work in a skilled trade?


Canada is looking for people who are:

  • In industrial, electrical and construction trades

  • In maintenance and equipment operation trades

  • Supervisors, or work in technical jobs in natural resources, agriculture and related production

  • Processing, manufacturing and utilities supervisors and central control operators

  • Chefs and cooks

  • Butchers and bakers


What do you need to be eligible?


To qualify under the Federal Skilled Trades Program, you must:

  • Meet the language requirements in reading, writing, listening and speaking

  • Not be planning to live in Quebec

  • Have worked full-time for two years or an equal amount, part-time, in a skilled trade within the five years before you apply

  • Meet all the job requirements set down in the National Occupational Classification (NOC), except for needing a certificate of qualification

  • Have a valid, full-time job offer for atleast one year or a certificate of qualification in a skilled trade issued by a Canadian provincial, territorial or federal authority

Education requirements

The Federal Skilled Trades Program does not have any strict education requirements but having some level of qualifying education can help boost your profile. You must specify it in your application if you have the following:

  • A Canadian secondary (high school) or post-secondary diploma;

  • A completed foreign credential and Education Credential Assessment from an approved agency which shows that your education is equal to a secondary (high school) or post-secondary Canadian degree.


Fulfilling one of these requirements will gain you more points and increase the chances that your profile will be chosen from the pool of applicants.

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